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Family Dog Gives Birth to Litter of Puppies. When Owner Looked Closer at One Puppy, She FROZE

One puppy was unlike the rest and was unlike anything they had ever seen before. This little puppy – the only girl of the bunch – was born GREEN! No, that’s not a joke!

As shocking and false as it might sound, this is something that can actually occur to a puppy during birth. This colorful cutie earned the name Fifi, after Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting name!

It was indeed all natural. Experts say that though it is rare, it can happen when light-colored puppies come in contact with a substance called Biliverdin, which is naturally found in the placenta.

While the color will fade in time, she sure has made quite an impression thus far! Have you ever seen anything like this before?

This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. This is just proof that nature is far more amazing than we ever imagined. Watch the video clip below to see it for yourself. She’s seriously so cute!

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