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220 rare vintage cars discovered after 61 years in hiding

When salvage yard owner Oliver Jordan of Enid, OK got in a little tiff concerning a zoning issue over 60 years ago his resolution was simple… Put a padlock on the gate and tell the world to piss off, and so for 61 years only a select few individuals had ever seen his collection of over 220 vintage cars and trucks… until now.

Oliver and his wife have both passed away and their grandson says it’s time to liquidate. He’s been consolidating the 200+ cars that had once been scattered across four different fields, and the cars he’s been discovering along the way are nothing short of spectacular.


Auction house VanDerBrink outlines some of the rarest cars of the collection: a 1937 aluminum Lincoln 7 passenger sedan believed to be Willoughby Body considered to be one of 5 remaining of the 60 produced, a 1917 Maxwell, the oldest car in the collection, a 1924 Rollins Touring, and a 1937 supercharged 812 Cord.


For a more detailed listing of cars and parts available visit VanDerBrunk’s auction listing. If you’re feeling a case of auction fever get out to middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma on Saturday, June 7th at 9:30am to bid!


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  1. It’s soooo true. Powerful people are hiding things from us!
    This is my own video. You may have watched other people’s videos shot at Dendera Temple in Egypt, but I shot this myself just last November.
    Deep in a secret crypt at Dendera Temple Complex are some designs carved on the walls that to some look eerily familiar to objects very much in use today.
    Please tell me what you think!

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