24 Of The World’s Best Hidden Hot Springs

The most remote hot springs in the world, so you can catch some much needed you-time.

01 | Cascata Del Mulino, Tuscany


It’s a natural sulfur hot spring. In the Tuscan countryside. What’s not to love? Located in the ancient spa town of Saturnia, these waterfall springs stay a constant 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit all year, and see few visitors and even fewer tourists.

02 | Conundrum Hot Springs, Colorado


At 11,200 feet, Conundrum Hot Springs might just be the highest hot springs in the country, perfect for surveying the incredible forests and valleys the springs are surrounded by. Plus, you can only get to them after an incredible 8.5 mile hike through the White River National Forest, meaning only the most committed will make it to the springs in the first place.

03 | Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon


A “clothing optional” geothermal spring on the North Umpqua River, these springs are apparently a “hippie haven,” so you may make some under-clothed friends looking to relax and unwind in a number of different ways. If you can get past that, Umpqua Hot Springs ranks highly on many hot spring hunters’ favorites lists. 

04 | Lake Garda Hot Springs, Italy


These hot springs are so hidden, you’d literally have to go under a lake to get to the source. This region in Italy has been used as a resort destination since the first century A.D., but it wasn’t until the 1800’s that the hot springs running under the Lake Garda lakebed were discovered, and channelled up and into the Sirmione Spas. 

05 | Bagni Di Petriolo, Tuscany


You know you’ve found a gem when you’re soaking in the same waters that the Medici family used to unwind in. Another perfect bath nestled in some ruins in the Tuscan countryside, locals will freely gather the mineral-rich clay there to take home as a bath-additive, rather than pay a fortune for the same product at spas around the country. 

06 | Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan


Sure, the ground there is covered in snow for 4 months out of the year, and sure, it’s a bit of a trek to ascend the 2789 feet to get there, but that shouldn’t discourage you from visiting these largely uncrowded springs. Especially since, as the name implies, you’ll have the opportunity to really get to know the locals.

07 | Wier Creek Hot Springs, Idaho


Deep in the Clearwater National Forest lies a hot spring with a small but fiercely loyal following. While most visitors head to the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs nearby, those in-the-know will scoot to the smaller, lesser-known Wier Creek Hot Springs for a relaxing bath in the forest under the stars.

08 | Olympic Hot Springs, Washington


This cluster of 7 relatively shallow hot springs in Olympic National Park went from discovery in 1892, to a resort that was then torn down in 1966, and has since been reclaimed by nature. Between the shallowness of the pools, their remote nature, and a large “bathe at your own risk” disclaimer by the park, few make it out for a dip, but those that do return with rave reviews.

09 | Granite Hot Springs, Wyoming


The clear waters of the Wyoming Granite Hot Springs have a season-appropriate temperature of 112 degrees in the winter, to as low as 80 degrees in the summer. One of the few hot springs to be developed with a deck and maintained by the US Forest Service, the main hurdle reducing the number of annual visitors is one of access, since you must ski or snowmobile to the location in the winter.

10 | McCredie Hot Springs, Oregon



While it’s true that in recent years these hot springs have become something of a hot spot, this riverside destination off a trail in the Willamette National Forest is still occasionally vacant, making for an incredible Oregonian wilderness experience. The springs are actually a series of pools that lessen in temperature the further from the source you get, so you can choose the one that’s just right.

11 | Angseri Hot Springs, Bali


What’s better than a relaxing hot spring soak abroad? It could be when you find one that’s devoid of tourists, and even locals. But more likely it’s when you find a rare one with a waterfall immediately adjacent to the hot springs, so that you can cool off for a minute without ever leaving the area. Enter Angseri Hot Springs.

12 | Mystic Hot Springs, Utah


With “mystic” in the name, the expectations are pretty high for a magical experience, but these hot springs in Monroe, Utah deliver. With waters reaching up to 168 degrees, and a gorgeous desert backdrop suitable for catching incredible sunsets, Mystic Hot Springs is certainly worth the trip.

13 | Marin Tidal Hot Springs, California


Emphasis on hidden, these springs on the Northern California coast lie behind a boulder on the ocean, and go by several different names (including Steep Ravine Hot Springs, and Rocky Point Hot Springs). You’ll want to check the tide watch and plan ahead to make sure you arrive at low tide, otherwise the spring is nearly impossible to access.

14 | Chena Hot Springs, Alaska


Not only is it gorgeous, but the waters of this spring 56 miles outside of Fairbanks are renowned for their healing properties. So much so, that the United States Department of Agriculture even sent chemists to analyze its composition recently (who concluded that the waters of Chena Hot Springs are indeed unique to the entire United States, though that may be because of Alaska’s geographical placement).

15 | Puritama Hot Springs, Chile


Resting at the bottom of a canyon in the Atacama Desert, the eight pools of the Puritama Hot Springs in Northern Chile only recently opened to the public, meaning there’s still time to enjoy it before the word gets out.

16 | Travertine Hot Springs, California


Possibly the best kept hot-spring-secret in the great state of California, Travertine Hot Springs are a great blend of warm mineral waters, soft sediment bottoms, and stunning scenery.

17 | Goldmyer Hot Springs, Washington


The Goldmyer Hot Springs demand a 11-14 mile sacrifice to bathe in their waters at the foot of the mighty Cascade Mountains. Subsequently, to visit becomes a 2-day-minimum affair, complete with hauling all your gear for the overnight stay. As few make the journey, you’ll likely have the springs all to yourself, and the consensus is the experience is well worth the hike.

18 | Fosso Bianco, Bagni San Filippo, Tuscany



When you think of the perfect, natural, placid, unspoiled hot spring, you’re thinking of something that almost approximates the beauty of Fosso Bianco. At the convergence of several hot springs in Bagni San Filippo, limestone formations spring up like pillars to the gods of relaxation. And, it’s free.

19 | Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado


The Dunton Hot Springs can be found in the remote ghost town of Dunton, southern Colorado (meaning, that aside from the springs themselves the area doesn’t see a whole lot of traffic). It also means that this place is a great intersection between retreat and history lesson (as one of the 13 on-site cabins features Butch Cassidy’s carved signature, which staff insists is authentic).

20 | Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan


Perhaps “between prehistoric tombs” doesn’t strike you as the most relaxing spot to unwind, but at this oasis in the Dead Sea, you’d be crazy not to go for a dip in these Roman baths used for centuries. Located outside Madaba, the waters of Hammamat Ma’in feature a perfect blend of magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

21 | Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula


The cool thing about the hot springs on Deception Island, is that they’re all hidden in plain view, right beneath the black sands on the coast. A “dig your own spa” experience, few want to go all the way to the antarctic for some naturally warm water, so you’ll likely only be competing with the penguins that live out there.

22 | Strawberry Hot Springs, Colorado


Famous slopes, hot springs, and lots of Colorado forest make for the enticing cocktail that is Strawberry Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs. Getting there is a bit of a challenge, given that you have to navigate backroads that may be covered in snow during the winter seasons and necessitate four-wheel-drive, but once there you can enjoy the rustic cabin-in-the-woods environment.

23 | Kiraly Baths, Budapest


Public bathing has been a part of the culture in Budapest for centuries, which is in no small part due to its location on a fault line. As a result Budapest is home to hundreds of natural hot springs throughout the city whose water comes from further below the Earth’s surface than most hot springs around the world, imbuing it with special properties.

24 | Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica


The waters in Arenal, Costa Rica draw their heat from the geothermal volcanic activity of Arenal Volcano. Of the many resulting hot springs to choose from, Tabacon (deep in the Costa Rican rainforest) seems to be a good place to start. Rather than paying $126 to visit the springs, however, you can walk across the street and down the hill, and arrive at a hidden portion of it that’s completely free.


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