REVEALED: The ‘Doomsday plane’ that follows Trump around the world ready for nuclear war

RARE images have emerged of interiors of the Doomsday plane which shadows US President Donald Trump’s Air Force One jet around the world in case nuclear war breaks out.

The US boasts four E-4B Nightwatch planes that follow Donald Trump when he flies across the world.

Incredible footage captured on board one of the jets provides a glimpse into the aircraft – dubbed “the flying Pentagon” – which comes into use in case of a nuclear or terrorist attack, or in the event of war being declared on the US.

'the flying Pentagon'
The aircraft fleet has been nicknamed ‘the flying Pentagon’

The modified Boeing 747 fleet – known as the National Airborne Operations Centre – is kitted out with specialist equipment and travels with dedicated teams of military strategists, analysts and communication aides on board.

Whenever Air Force One takes to the skies, E-4Bs follow ready to act as a command centre for Mr Trump, the US Defence Secretary and Joint Chiefs of Staff, in the event of war.A presidential trip usually involves hundreds of military and government personnel and often requires dozens of flights, including a backup for Air Force One and transport planes that move the motorcade, helicopters and communications gear.
The jets have been in operation since the 1970s
Since the 1960s, the US has been building and equipping the special set of planes whose sole purpose has been to evacuate the president in the event of a nuclear war.The jets have been in operation since the 1970s, and were first used during the Cold War, and have the capability to communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world.Boasting a special five-mile trailing wire antenna, the jets allow the President to communicate the nuclear submarine fleet – even if ground communications are destroyed.
At least one plane is kept running at all times
The Nightwatch planes are also designed to withstand an electromagnetic pulse sparked by a nuclear explosion, and contain top secret defence measures to protect themselves from an attack.Operated by the First Airborne Command and Control Squadron of the 595th Command and Control Group, coordinated by the US Strategic Command, the jets are stationed near Omaha, Nebraska, at the Offutt Air Force Base.
Rare images of the inside of the ‘Doomsday plane’
In 2006, there was retiring the E-4B fleet in 2009 but when Robert Gates he ensured the fleet, dubbed “Air Force One when it counts” to remain fully operational.At least one plane is kept running at all times, according to reports, to ensure the aircraft if ready to fly at a moments notice.While the existence of the fleet is not a secret, they are barely mentioned, to the point that the US Air Force does not publicly acknowledge owning them.In fact, the bigger secret is where they would fly the President should the day come.


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    • The media is the worst it began with the Spanish war when the media printed papers globally to influence the America people (that war would be the only option). It’s sad how badly people relied upon the media for answeres to only become unsuspecting targets of brainwashing techniques used to sway the public opinion on certain matters

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  3. Really…… Air force one only becomes “Air Force One” when the President steps inside of it. And it is the Doomsday plane. It was created in 1959 for the President to travel, and run the country from while in the air if we where under an attack.

  4. Yes. Transportation & the Nuclear Football are always near The President. America Learned a Very Expensive Leason from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Attack on 7 Dec 1941 (over 2,000 Dead). There were Plenty of Signs that an Attack was Coming, that were Largely Ignored by Knox, Marshall, Roosevelt… Never Again.

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