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Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns


A group of liberal Hollywood celebrities are threatening a “massive, all-round Hollywood strike” unless Donald Trump resigns. Describing Hollywood as “the base of the entire modern American culture“, the group also claims to be speaking on behalf of “all of humanity.”

It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around“, a spokesperson for the group told The New York Times.

“We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops.”

Spinzon reports: Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon are among the dozens of artists, entertainers, and activists who have attached their names to an effort calling for a month-long protest to stop President-elect Donald Trump.

“No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!” reads a full-page ad placed in the New York Times on Wednesday by the group Refuse Racism. “Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger,” the ad says.

“Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance – before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands.”

Other Hollywood celebrities who have also joined the campaign, however, are calling for an all-out strike that would span the entire movie industry in the hopes that such a move would urge the President-elect to resign from his position as the newly elected President of the United States.


“We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops,” a spokesperson for the Refuse Racism group told The New York Times. “It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around.”

Asked to elaborate on why the group is targeting Hollywood out of all the industries in the country as their bargaining chip, the spokesperson argued that Hollywood “is, simply put, the base of the entire modern American culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together. And think about what happens when you destroy the foundation of a house. It comes crashing down, right? Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to America unless Donald Trump realizes how real the danger of that actually is, and chooses to step down as President of his own free will. And while we’re on the subject, between you and me – nobody wants Hollywood to stop doing its thing, but this is a necessary move.”

“Besides, it’s not like the billionaire-businessman-turned-president hasn’t ventured into movies in his day, right? So, he’ll understand firsthand what’s going to happen if Hollywood goes to strike. Without the work of Hollywood and the lifestyle promoted by it, there will literally be no more America to rule for Trump. So, in effect, it’s not us that are going to force Donald Trump to resign his office; it’s the people of America who are going to make him do it, because the God’s honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like trying to run Nazi Germany without Hitler at the forefront – it just becomes pointless,” the spokesperson concluded.


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  1. They strike…We BOYCOTT! Frankly, it makes me sick just seeing their traitorous asses… As far as Rosie, ( molester of her own adopted child) what besides the Flintstones, has this old, dike done?.

  2. I think we should boycott hollywood now. No more tv or movies. I haven’t done them in 5 or 10 years and I’ll never miss them. They are total mind control programming.

    • Basically Hollywood is ran by Three Mafia type Studios or Productions Corporations, with a lot of minors – who end up going though the Three: 1. GAY… Tom Cruise, and such., ( Note: The Italians franchise with them). 2. Italians… Needless to explain. And, 3. The Jews. People you never thought are Jews. Spielberg, Lucus, Douglas, Shatner, Sandler, endless…Actually, Adam did a funny Jew song about all the Hollywood Jews; even half-Jews like Goldie. Disney/can’t think of the dude that did the CSIs, etc., part of the Disney mob, who of course are connected to the other three, if not 4. If you’ll add up all the people King David killed…it rivals Hitler. . .

    • The movie and music industries are world wide. They know that if they put out a product the public doesn’t like they will not spend their money. That’s the way of the world whether it’s India and Bollywood or Tin Pan Alley. Why bring all the racism into it? The only color all businesses care about is green. Do I detect a bit of “Star Envy”? P.S. The Irish were left out of the equation and The Duke, John Wayne, would not be pleased.

  3. Ok then let em strike all we do is stop going to the Cinemas to watch their films. Then Let’s see how they like it when the money dries up a? I am sick and tire of all these so called celebrities getting on their high Horses spouting on about their “Luvvie” PC causes. Just who the F&^%k do they think they are a?

  4. Hey gang they are all AMERICANS and they all have the same rights to strike as any other American does, you don’t have to like their point of view but we all have one and that’s what makes ” America Great”——- not a dictator.

  5. What is wrong with all you people ?? Are you all so brainwashed that you are unable to distinguish between those who exploit you for their own gains from those trying to help you ???? Trump is a vain, racist millionaire who cares only for himself and his fortune that he got by exploiting you workers !!! You might not like those actors but they are making an effort to make you see though the despot you are protecting !!! We have a bad government here in the UK ,but thank god it ‘s not him !!!!

    • Perhaps it is you that needs to reexamine your own deep-seated inadequacies, you either blame Trump directly…or your father? Did you support Hillary…,and Obama? Now that you’ve been shown their level of corruption…are you still in denial? However, what’s more important now, since you now know, what’s sane reason do you now deny your country…in such a traitoris manner?

    • If I lived in America I would not have supported either !! Your only decent candidate was Bernie Sanders and you , in all your glory , rejected everything he stood for like anti austerity, workers rights, eliminating homelessness , creating a national health service for all . You preferred a crazy billionaire who will take you into war !! I hope you don’t have any young men in your family when he brings back proscription so that your young men can fight so he can lavish in his mansion !!!!

  6. The actors are not sending warships to bomb Syria, putting every country in danger from world war 3 !! He will make millions from the use of those bombs that he used as he has interests in the company that sells them !!! Those actors will gain nothing from it !!

  7. So the armament businesses don’t make money from their products ??? We are much more likely to get attacked when your country and mine keep destroying theirs and killing their people !! We bombed Libya, Iraq and Syria, but did it stop that attacks all over the world ??? I am afraid you have been brainwashed into believing that the west is bombing for humanitarian purposes !! I Ave been too long on the earth to believe that nonsense !!!

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